5 Reasons That Lead to Emergency Roof Repairs


Emergency Roof Repairs  – Top 5 Reasons

Owning a home means that you have to learn to handle the unexpected. This includes emergency roof repairs. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict when this is going to be needed, but you can get to know some of the most common causes.

  1. Hailstorm Damage

Hail is one of the most damaging substances to any roof. If the weather gets severe in your area, and hail occurs, it can cause serious damage. If it is big enough, it may even slam through parts of your roof, or crack your shingles. If you have a hailstorm, it is best to get outside and inspect your roof as soon as it is over. If you notice any damage, call for emergency repairs right away.

  1. Wind Damage

Strong winds are another common reason that emergency roof repairs are needed. High winds may cause serious damage to shingles, and even blow some off the roof completely. If you have an older roof, this could even be more of a concern, as brittle shingles are more susceptible to damage from high winds.

If you notice that shingles are missing or damaged after high winds, don’t wait to call for emergency repairs. Doing so can lead to serious leaks in your home.

  1. Excessive Amounts of Rain

While the sound of a thunderstorm may be soothing for a while, if the rain lasts too long, it may cause serious damage to your home’s roof. This damage is typically not direct; however, the excessive water can cause the soil around your house to weaken. This can cause trees to fall and damage your roof. One falling limb can cause serious damage, and you won’t want to put off repairs.

  1. No Maintenance

Unfortunately, one of the most common reasons emergency roof repairs are needed is completely preventable. If you have failed to maintain your roof for years – or longer – then this may lead to you having to pay for emergency repairs down the road. The best way to avoid this is by ensuring your roof remains in good repair with regular, professional inspections.

  1. Animals Have Paid a Visit to Your Roof

While a friendly bird or random squirrel on your roof may not be a cause for concern, if you notice animals “staying around” for long periods of time, there could be an issue. The fact is, there are a wide array of animals who can make holes in your roof and cause significant damage. If you notice this, you need to call for emergency repairs, right away.

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